Assam silk in danger

by C K Duarah
If timely measures are not taken the Muga (Antheria assamensis) heritage of Assam may face extinction in the next three decades or within 2040. The production of famous Muga silk of Assam has not been augmented. The state has a demand of more than than 5000 MT of Muga silk anually, but the state has been producing average 90 MT per year. In 2010-11 the state produced113.28 MT Muga and in 2011-12 this amount was 114.56 MT. According to Sericulture Department sources production in the year of 2013 may be same as the average production, not more.
The decline of Som and Soalo plantation areas in government sericulture farms have pushed Muga silk towards the verge of extinction, the report said. Encroachment in government Som plantation areas is one of the prime causes of decreasing food availability of Muga silk worm. There are 106 government Muga farms in Assam and most of them have no plantation and encroached. So a large area has been lost to illegal occupants and some of these occupants have allotted such lands by corrupt district commissioner and government circle revenue officers. There are 265.84 hectares of Government Sericulture Farm areas are in encroacher’s own pockets and all plantation were destroyed in these land.

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