Muga weavers face problems

Photo : C K Duarah

On account of sufficient raw Muga yarn and lower production, people buy Tassar silk cost of which is comparatively low. The Tassar products which are not native silk of Assam have invaded into the market more than half of the Muga products in Assam as pure Muga. It is to be noted that three varieties of silk (Muga, Paat, Endi) are reared in Assam and Muga is an exclusive product of the state Pure Muga is now rare and Tassar silk mixed with Muga is being sold in the name of Muga. So the adulterated silk is replacing Muga gradually as its production cannot meet with customer’s demand according to Krishnakanta Chetia,  Assistant Director of Government Sericulture Department. He said that production of Muga cannot be raised in erratic environments and changing climate and is likely to face extinction in the decades to come. – See more at:


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