Bhuddhism gives peace to Bhutan

Caption; Buddhism is the major religion in Bhutan. Vajrayana Buddhism is the state religion of Bhutan, and Buddhists comprise two-thirds to three-quarters and Hinduism one-quarter of its population.[1] Although the Buddhism practiced in Bhutan originated in Tibetan Buddhism, it differs significantly in its rituals, liturgy, and monastic organization. The state religion has long been supported… Read More Bhuddhism gives peace to Bhutan

Migration from Nepal to Assam

Every year thousands of Nepalies migrate from Nepal to Assam and the settle with other Nepalies in different Nepali-dominated areas. Neapalies  became a major community in Assam which had marginalized some small indegenous tribes in Tinsukia district and other places in Assam. They  have grabbed political power by dint of Hindutwa politics. Now they claim the… Read More Migration from Nepal to Assam